More Ways to Save

More Ways to Save

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    Zaycon Fresh 93/7 Ground Beef – 1lb Packages (via

    Zaycon Fresh offers fresh from-the-farm meats at a fraction of the price you pay at the grocery store.  Check out this video from Good Morning America to learn what all the excitement is all about! When placing a order please use referral code: dollarstoday


    • A dinner staple that is perfect for tacos, lasagnas, casseroles, and more when you need a rich beef flavor without the extra fat.
    • Comes in easy recipe-sized packages. Blended fresh and fast-frozen to preserve taste and freshness with a 1 year freezer shelf life.
    • Flavorful, lean 100% American ground beef, grass-fed and pasture raised with a grain finish.
    • Only the best butcher shop quality trim cuts are selected for this quality ground beef.
    • Each 40lb case contains forty 1lb quick-thaw frozen packages for easy storage and prep to accommodate your busy lifestyle.


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