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More Ways to Save

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I’ve been doing hair for the last 27 years. So for the last two summer’s I’ve been encountering a problem with the supposedly temporary colors a lot of kids are putting in their hair. I know during the summer a lot of parents allow their kids to get a fun haircut like a Mohawk or fun color in their hair. If you choose to do so please use caution what brand you use. In my salon, I have found the number one offender is Ion Brights sold at Sally Beauty Supply.

Is it pretty? Yes! Is it economical? Yes! But this little tube of $5.00 color can end up causing you hundreds of dollars. I have personally found that on bleached or a chlorine damaged blonde this stuff will not come out. I’ve used DDR which is a professional direct dye remover. I’ve bleached and re-applied bleach and the stuff still does not come out. Last summer I had a thirteen year old client come in before returning to private school. She had put the Ion Mint color in her hair. Three hours later I still was unable to remove it. The best I could do was turn it to a pretty Rose Gold color. The cost to mom: $325!

Yesterday I had another young man come in. Same scenario bleached blonde Mint Ion Brights. As you can see from the picture above mom opted not to correct but cut. So please head my warning… Be careful and don’t believe everything you read on a tube. This stuff does not wash out in 8 shampoos!


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